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Shout! Improves Education To Improve Health Care 
As part of the "Shout Improves Education to Improve Health Care Program"; Shout is launching  the "Shout! Free Tutoring Program", designed for children from low income families in the DC (MD, DC, VA) area.
  • Children from Pre K to 12th grade who are struggling in school are tutored by volunteer and intern tutors recruited and trained  for this purpose. 
  • Tutoring sessions are held at community centers, libraries and designated places. This program will stretch to other parts of the United States and the world.
   Become a Tutor 
  • To become a volunteer tutor or an intern  - Send an e mail with your resume to
  • Please note that we conduct background checks for all tutors.
  • This is presently a volunteer and unpaid internship position
       Enrol your child
  • Eligibility
  1.                Low income of parents
  2.                For early childhood pre K - 3rd, income of parents is not considered if a child is below grade level in reading.
  3.                Fill out application form which includes a copy of child's grade report