SHOUT - GLOBAL HEALTH - "We shout every wrong - right"
SHOUT –  is a non profit organization with a mission to conduct research, education and advocacy on health issues in the United States and the world.  The organization was incorporated in 2007.
Current Programs
SHOUT Domestic Health and Shout Global Health
SHOUT Domestic Health
  • Sickle Cell Education in the Washington DC area – 
  •   Health Education for teens 11 to 20
  • Driver Education Program for Teens  - Conducts driver education for teens in preparation to obtaining driver lincences about dangers of cell phone use while driving, alcohol while driving, night driving, speeding, belt use and so on.
  • Shout! Improves Education to Improve Health Care - Shout Free Tutoring Program - for more information about this program - click here
SHOUT Global Health
Shout! Improves Education to Improve Health Care  - Is a program of Shout based on the fact that the improvement of education eventually improves health. Program already commenced with a computer and book drive for elementary schools in developing countries. Elementary school children will be taught about personal hygiene and safe water consumption while presenting and creating the class book and computer centers. Funding is being sought for the project.
More so, for both domestic and global health, SHOUT has incorporated a strategy referred to as MUMHCARE (Multilevel Marketing in Health Care Education).